Best Song Ever Written?

Apparently this song is so incredibly great that it was actually sent to outer space in the event that intelligent life ever intercepted the recording and also wished to be blown away.


Since the song itself has no words, I guess it's appropriate that I'm also at a loss for words.


Here's to greatness:  Blind Willie Johnson with Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground

Obsessed! Antebellum Decay

For those of you (who are probably most of us) stuck not-behind-the-wheel-on-a-road-trip today here are some great images from the Deep South of some decaying houses. 

Black Doll on Flickr has a talent for finding some terrific derelict architecture and she (lucky girl) has been roaming the countryside taking pics.

Many of my own songs have been inspired by elements of lost Americana.  I'll be uploading more instrumentals in the coming weeks with some details about their back stories!


Still still obsessed with Brush Park!

Amazing shots of Brush Park. 

Favorite Writer Meghan Daum!

If you haven't read "My Life Would be Perfect if I Lived in That House" go get a copy!  Here's her site.

Still obsessed with Brush Park...

Lots more pics!

Obsessed with Brush Park, Detroit

Brush Park, Detroit...haunted houses...

New website at Hostbaby!

Welcome to my new site!

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